Hi, I'm Zuriel Gibson! I'm a certified Lupus Coach, Community Health Worker, Professional Model and Trainer as well as a Public Speaker. Sharing her story is a Passion and Purpose. Let her help you reach your goals to build the healthier you, you deserve by finding your Passion and Purpose (mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually).

Your Diagnosis is Not Your Identity!

The doctors diagnosed Ms. Zuriel Gibson with lupus in 1997 after a near death experience and then a few short years later was told she wouldn’t live past the age of twenty-four (24). Due to her ignorance, she immediately thought that her dreams were no longer attainable; life was over.

After many bouts with depression, pain, addictions, and hospital stays for many years and after living pass her death date, Zuriel became discontent and decided to use her pain to propel her into purpose. As a lupus survivor, advocate, and coach, she has become a much sought-after speaker. Her message, “There is Purpose In & Beyond Your Pain”, has been shared on numerous media outlets such as The Kingdom Broadcast Network, Destiny Channel TV, Something Good is About to Happen, The Ladies Room Radio Broadcast and more.

Ms. Gibson is the epitome of a woman that thrives beyond the odds. She knows exactly what it feels like to fight through doubt, fear, and disappointments. Her goal is to continue helping others win against lupus through education, resources, and advocacy. She is proof that you can live a successful life with the right attitude, a made-up mind and taking the proper actions to make a difference.